Fieldwork Preparation Workshops

MSc-GH program staff organizes events and workshops throughout the academic year to prepare first-year students for the field-based research requirements of the program. 
As an MSc student, you have to be proactive, be organized, plan your work, review your plans and work your plan, find a topic that engages you and your advisors, take ownership for your fieldwork, face the challenges,  communicate regularly with supervisors and program staff and  ask for help. 

Proposal Writing Basics - October

What does a good research proposal include?  How should you organize the information that you need to present?  How comprehensive is your background and literature review expected to be for a proposal? This workshop uses past fieldwork proposals to explore and explain the structure of a well-crafted research proposal.

IRB - December

This workshop outlines the Duke Kunshan IRB process and highlights issues to consider as you begin to prepare your IRB protocol. 

Cultural Competence - February

What is culture?  How does it affect project planning and implementation?  Building on past student experiences, this workshop will explore questions of the role of culture in planning, implementing and analyzing your projects. 

Project Management - February

Implementing a project on the ground is very different from planning one from a distance. This workshop will use a case study to identify issues and challenges to consider when you get to your research location.

Health and Safety - March

This workshop will be focused on making sure that all MSc-GH students are prepared for their fieldwork in terms of health and safety. We’ll register travel plans, talk about health challenges and review preparation for emergencies.

Communications - April

Communication with your mentor and other members of your committee is extremely important while doing fieldwork. This session will discuss the need for weekly communication with your mentor and/or advisors, how to begin writing up your research in the field, and expectations for sharing the results of your study with communities, organizations, and colleagues in the country where you conduct research.
The internet has made sharing your experiences easy. The new challenge is how to share your experience ethically and thoughtfully. The session will also discuss the challenges and benefits of blogging, photo sharing and tweeting from the field.

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