MScGH Bridges Me to a Top Hospital Job

Moxuan Yang
Class of 2023

How does an economics degree holder succeed in applying for a hospital position? Moxuan Yang (Class of 2023) from the MSc Global Health Program summarizes his cross-border job search story by saying that the “hard and soft skills” honed during his global health studies were the key to getting the job offer.

Hard and soft skills

Moxuan graduated from Michigan State University, majoring in economics. Going back to China for career development was the plan after completing his undergraduate degree.

“I think I already have a certain experience of studying abroad, if I continue to stay abroad for a master’s degree, I might be kept far away from the need of China’s job market. DKU master program offers a very good combination – studying in China with the same curriculum as overseas universities. “

While an economics major provides a broad perspective, Moxuan hoped to get more in-depth training and prepare himself for a specific industrial segment. “I choose to specialize in global health, mainly due to the consideration of more career development opportunities in the healthcare sector.” These “vague” career plans at the time eventually led him to the West China Hospital team.

Moxuan at the West China Hospital

During his studies at DKU, basic training in epidemiology, statistics, and research design, as well as learning about the health system in less developed areas, helped him quickly adapt to the daily work in the medical affairs department, especially analyzing data for hospital management and coordinating the remote area aid program.

“In addition to the knowledge I acquired from the classes, my biggest gain was learning to do presentation, which helped my job interview,” said Moxuan. In the master’s program, group tasks and individual assignments, both in core and elective courses, require students to present and report their findings to other students or faculties, either in the classroom or in a public area on campus. Moxuan believes that “soft skills” training is valuable to raise his chance of getting the current job position.

Mo Xuan with Prof. Qian Long

Plan your career early

“I highly recommend that students check and use the service of DKU Career Development Office, including CV revision, mock interview, and the latest notice of job recruitment notice,” Moxuan said. “The Program provides many ‘warm-up opportunities’, such as working as a research assistant or a teaching assistant, helping to manage a project, and analyzing data. Faculties will give you some part-time job suggestions or arrange project work for you based on your interests or preference of future development.”

He suggests future students to start career planning as early as possible. “Whether you want to pursue a doctoral degree or choose to work afterward, don’t think about it when close to graduation; if you have a clear direction at the beginning, you can make better use of the opportunities during your time at DKU. I am sure you will get full support, whether it is to publish your research findings or be recommended for internship opportunities through DKU and the Duke Alumni network. “

Moxuan (second from the right in the back ) at the Graduation Ceremony, May 2023