Since the establishment of the program in 2014, we have continuously improved our teaching methods and curriculum quality, striving to enhance the quality of education to meet the evolving demands of the global health field. Up till now, the program has educated 109 talented students, with 25 exceptional individuals joining our most recent entering cohort and 84 graduates. These graduates purse their careers around the world and have achieved remarkable success. They have made significant advances not only in academic research but have also demonstrated outstanding employment performance in medical institutions, international organizations, and non-governmental organizations.

Alumni and Career Stories

2023 Career Highlights

In 2023, our program celebrated the graduation of 12 distinguished scholars. Nine of these graduates have embarked on careers within the expansive field of health, while three have elected to further their academic pursuits by enrolling in doctoral programs. During the intensive two-year program, students immersed themselves in the forefront of global health issues, actively participating in research exploration and practice. They engaged in academic discussions, organized and attended international health forums, sparking intellectual exchanges with global professionals. Concurrently, the graduates conducted thorough field research both domestically and abroad, deepening their understanding of various regional health statuses and systems, thus establishing a robust foundation for their research and practice.

We have the utmost confidence in this group of exceptional graduates, believing they will continue to shine in the next chapters of their lives. They are poised to become distinguished representatives in the global health sector. Meanwhile, we look forward to training more talents with international perspectives and cross-cultural backgrounds, making even greater contributions to the sustainable development of global health.