Directors’ Message

A Decade Journey

The past year is a significant milestone in the ten-year history of Duke Kunshan University (DKU) and the DKU Global Health Program. After one decade of endeavors in advancing global health discourse with our missions to improve equity in health in China and globally, the DKU Global Health Program has established its reputation as one of the global health academic leaders in higher education in China. This is owing largely to the unwavering support from DKU leadership, the joint multiple and interdisciplinary efforts of our peer divisions and research centers, and the enormous efforts collectively made by our faculty, staff and students.

In 2023, the Global Health Research Center (GHRC) maintained high productivity, publishing over 100 scientific articles, policy briefings, and research reports, and obtaining US$ 2,490,471 research grants. Students enrolled in the MSc in Global Health program reached its peak of 28 since the beginning of the program nine years ago. An increasing number of undergraduates have chosen global health as their major at DKU. With generous gifts from our donors, our students have benefited and grown from interning with the UN and other international organizations in China and overseas.

As a tradition, we have also organized several large events throughout the year to promote the exchange of scientific research and policy debates, as well as capacity building activities. In April of 2023, together with several leading Chinese institutions, we hosted a national conference on “Strengthen Primary Healthcare, Prevent Non-communicable Diseases, and Promote Health for All”. Over 200 participants attended the event and witnessed the publishment of the Duke Kunshan Declaration on strengthening PHC for accelerating NCD prevention and control in China. In October, we held an international symposium on “Developing Sustainable Universal Health Coverage in the Era of Achieving Health Related Sustainable Development Goals by 2030”, attended by more than 200 distinguished guests from over 20 countries, representing renowned international and domestic organizations, universities, and government institutions. In addition, we have also organized a training workshop on China global health leadership capacity building for government officials, young university faculty, and researchers.

As you read the stories in this report and “A Decade Journey” Global Health Program 10th Anniversary Report, you will encounter many compelling examples of this endeavor. Both reports enshrined the creativity and passion our faculty, staff, students and global partners brought to address health disparities worldwide. The achievements, however, are not the outcomes of individuals working in silos; rather, they stem from years of collective dedication in collaboration with our domestic and global partners.

We are grateful to everyone who has made our success possible, particularly those organizations and agencies providing critical funding and philanthropic support to sustain our missions. In the years to come, we will continue striving for excellence in making positive and impactful changes in improving people’s health, especially for those vulnerable and disadvantaged.